Toll Processing

We offer Craft CO2 Supercritical Processing of to crude oil for golden full spectrum oil with the highest yields of CBD,CBG, CBC, CBN and terpenes. We have temperature and pressure correction parameters in place for the preservation of terpenes with efficient separation of trichomes from the plant material . MHS lab offers a safe quality and high standard oil that is repeatable. Our lab is adjustable to derive the terpenes and cannabinoids that your business is specifically looking for by working with our farm and network of like minded farmers . We take the extract through a winterization process leaving you with a crude oil that will make a golden full spectrum oil.

Oil Extraction

C02 is a natural and pure non toxic solvent that is recycled through our extraction process, this means of extraction aligns with our commitment to sustainability and gives us the ability to give back to the world more than we take.

 Creating a high quality product with award winning potential is what you’re signing up for when you schedule toll processing services with Michigan Hemp Solutions.

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A post harvest plan is essential for a top quality final product!  After you put in your investment and work all season long doing everything you could to win, we are here to help you finish strong by handling your crop with our experience like its our own. Our facilities are food grade climate controlled environments to help with preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids in your crops.


For CBD Oil Production & Hang drying Smokable flower

Milling & Pelletizing


MHS is your trusted source to mill your crop with high efficiency to maintain your cannabinoids and total poundage of your crop through pelletizing. These services will help you reach your goals of extracting your annual yield goals economically and more efficiently. Services are $1.00 per pound on milled and pelleted material.



Seeds and Plants – Quality genetics that aim your operation towards a successful harvest before germination.  Let us start you out with plants that have hempy roots to hit the ground growing! MHS works with farmers on customized succession planting services and flexible pick up options, because let’s face it  you don’t want to pick all at once and when mother nature isn’t letting you in the field you want us caring for the nourishment of your investment.

Send us an email to to schedule your consultation on a first come first serve basis. A  25% deposit required for consultation and the other 25% when order is placed. Final payment due at pickup for plants.