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Finish Strong

On January 14th I went to a seminar held by the Michigan Agri-Business Association in Grand Rapids, Michigan called “Hemp, Marijuana and you…Oh My!” This seminar was several hours long, and we discussed important topics including the State of Michigan’s Industrial Hemp program. During a presentation made by Gina Alessandri farmers expressed a lot of concern around the problems that can occur when choosing to plant such a high-stake crop.

 Hemp has a natural association with risk for a multitude of reasons, but a lot of this risk can be eliminated with the help of a knowledgeable company like Michigan Hemp Solutions. We are here to help you have a successful year. We want to help you select the best genetics for your land, help you raise your crop and assist you after harvest by offering processing services.

Your success starts with the genetics you choose to plant. Trilogene Seeds is composed of a team with award-wining breeders, cultivators and growers. They have perfected genetics that have over 99% germination rates as well as 99% feminized seeds. The female hemp flower is sought out because all the medical value is housed there. Michigan Hemp Solutions will assist you in selecting the right genetic for you. As a certified Trilogene Seed consultant we have the team to help you make the best choice for you and your land.   

The next key to success for your hemp crop lays in using biostimulants to get a better yield.  The rhizosphere plays a key role in the development of the plant due to a relationship between the root and micro-organisms that surround the root. Adding biostimulants to your soil will enhance this network and aid hemp roots in obtaining the needed nutrients from the surrounding land. Think of biostimulants as a multivitamin for your plants. Biostimulants increase the manufacturing of different compounds that protect the crop from stress and disease resulting in healthier vegetation which leads to a better photosynthesis process. Using biostimulants will allow you to use a natural and chemical-free method of strengthening vegetation and aiding recovery in stressful situations as well as being regenerating once poor soils, into healthy lively soils filled with nutritional value.

A good genetic, help with the correct nutrients and with a little bit of luck in the form of good weather you will have a successful harvest. But what do you do after you harvest the crop you spent all summer raising? Drying and storing hemp in the right conditions is crucial and Michigan Hemp Solutions has the facilities available to offer our farmers a stress-free solution. We offer services that turn hemp into pellets by way of hammermilling the crop and encasing it into a hard shell. This aids in the preservation of CBD and makes transporting and extraction simple. We also offer the service of processing your harvest into high-quality CO2 Extracted oil. You can read our article about that here.

After you put in your investment and work all season long doing everything you could to win, we are here to help you finish strong by handling your crop with our experience like it’s our own.

Contact us today, schedule your consultation on a first come first serve basis. Send us a message via the contact page or send emails to – We look forward to hearing from you!

Looking forward to following up with you all after the @ihempmichigan expo! Our turn-key services providing farmers with seeds, plants, nutrients & biostimulants through processing will put some top-notch extracts in the market for 2020

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A Brief History Of American Hemp

Farmers have an opportunity in 2019 that hasn’t been available to us since 1937. The President of the United States of America signed the Agriculture Improvement act of 2018. This allows farmers to apply for a license in their state to produce and manufacture hemp. The bill also allows the sale, transport and possession of hemp derived products. The limitation being the products produced must be consistent with the law.[1] Under the law hemp is classified as anything that is less than 0.3% THC; anything with a THC content higher than 0.3% is classified as marijuana. [2]

In 1937 under the Marijuana Tax Act all forms of cannabis plants were made illegal. In 1970 all cannabis plants were scheduled under the Controlled Substance Act as a schedule one narcotic.[3] This came after a man and his family tried to go on vacation while possessing hemp flower in the form of hemp cigarettes. The man was arrested and on trial was found not guilty by pleading the fifth. After this trial the US government found it necessary to incriminate any persons possessing cannabis plants regardless of use.

During this time period there was not enough science and research around Cannabis Sativa to allow for the understanding we have of the plant today. Cannabis is a broad term that can be broken down into smaller classification to determine if the cannabis plant is Hemp or Marijuana. If we reach back to our biology lessons from high school, we know that all living organisms belong to classification. This classification is broken down into ranks such as Kingdom, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species. Hemp and Marijuana all belong to the Kingdom Plantae; Class Dicotyledon; Order Urticales; Family Cannabacea. [4] The Genus Hemp produces a species Marijuana, and this occurs naturally when the flowers from the Hemp plant are pollinated.

 Science has allowed us to research the genetic makeup of the cannabis plant and we have found that certain genetic makeups provide us with a plant that produces less than 0.3% THC. Cultivators have been working for decades to bring a consistent product to farmers across the country. Trilogene Seeds provides Michigan Hemp Solutions with high quality CBD genetics. The breeders and cultivators from Trilogene have cultivated to perfection strains of CBD rich cannabis seeds. It is our goal here at Michigan Hemp Solutions to provide our customer base with products they can rely on to be high quality and grown with care.

CBD Hemp grown on a small family farm Soil Friends LLC, processed and cured by Michigan Hemp Solutions LLC